A Telegram of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of TMR

In view of the Day of national mourning on 20th of May the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Transdnistrian-Moldovan Republic Vladimir Yastrebchak directed a telegram to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia Murat Djioev. It is told specifically in the telegram:

“A 20th of May 1992 will forever remain in the memory of people of South Ossetia as a day of terrible tragedy, an evidence of inhumanity of the effective Georgian regime.

Murdering of dozens of peaceful people including women, elderly persons and children which took place at Zar height this day is a horrible crime towards all the Ossetian people. Not only the actual doers were guilty but all who were fostering the ideology of hatred, all who were building and strengthening this criminal regime. The day of Zar tragedy remind us how fragile the peace on the Caucasus is. On the worn-out land of South Ossetia is still fresh the memory of tragic events of August 2008. These entire ordeal not just the episodes of peoples struggle for their identity and independence. Unfortunately, this is the evidence of the policy of genocide, conducting over a period of decades by dazzled of ideas of national superiority Georgian government.

Today stability on Caucasus is guaranteed by Russia. South Ossetia is a recognized State, which have enough allies to calm down hotheads in Tbilisi. Preying today for the victims of Georgian aggressors we realize that the peace building is a difficult and long-term process, demanding everyday efforts of diplomats. The Foreign Office of South Ossetia, undoubtedly, contributes to the enforcement of safety around the Republic by its activity. Please accept, dear Mr. Djioev, my sincere words of sympathy in this mournful day. A sorrow of Ossetian people is echoing in our hearts.”

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