Comment by representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

The scandal which has burst in Georgia after the visit of the Co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions to Tskhinval can only cause bewilderment and again disappointment with the priorities, Georgian policy in relation to South Ossetia is based on. This time the inexplicable overreaction of Tbilisi was caused by words of congratulation on the occasion of inauguration expressed by Mr. Herbert Zalber, the Co-chair of the GID representing the EU, at the meeting with Anatoliy Bibilov, the President of the Republic of South Ossetia. The diplomatic politeness shown by Mr. Zalber was perceived in Georgia as almost sell-out of Georgian interests by the European Union.

It is clear, that this hysterics unleashed in Georgia pursues specific political goals. Georgian leaders demonstrate categorical rejection of the developed geopolitical realities with desirable persistency and intend to snatch the dessoluting propaganda project “occupation of Georgian territories”. However, they in Georgia have obviously began to abuse with requirements for unconditional support to its interests at the international arena, including by agents who have to take a neutral and equidistant position in the course of settlement of Georgian-Ossetian relations.

The behavior of the official Tbilisi is rather indicative in order that the international community has formed an objective opinion on ability of Georgia to conduct a constructive dialogue with South Ossetia. Similar position of Georgian participants of the Geneva Discussions is the main obstacle to development and adoption of a document on non-use of force and to formation of a reliable security system in the region.


Tskhinval, May 19, 2017