Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

November 24, 2016 saw the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia publishing another quarterly report “on the Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Regions of Georgia”, covering this time the period from July to September of the current year.

The document differs slightly form previous “reports” and completely corresponds to Georgian logic of deliberately creating negative images of states neighboring to Georgia – the Republic of South Ossetia and the Republic of Abkhazia.

Obviously, Georgian Foreign Ministry, reiterating traditional mere allegations and rough perversion of the reality, expects fixing on the international arena the image of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as mythical “occupied territories of Georgia” where lawlessness and mass human rights violation prosper.

Another obvious fact is that similar diligence could be worth a better application, for example, in joint activity in delimitation and demarcation of the border line between South Ossetia and Georgia. There is no secret that it could solve many problems, first of all, those that citizens of Georgia, residents of South Ossetia border areas, are facing.

However, instead of that Georgia persistently continues fabricating one after another reports, where measures taken for maintaining South Ossetia border security, which numerous times faced military aggression from Georgia, are qualified as violation of human rights; where people detained on territory of South Ossetia for the border regime violation are presented as victims of apprehensions and the criminal responsibility in accordance with the legislation of South Ossetia is called a ransom, tortures or discrimination on an ethnic sign.

Further pursuing such a policy is counterproductive, and with each new attack against South Ossetia Georgia rejects the possibility of building equal and good-neighboring bilateral interstate relations.

Numerous statements including those with reference to Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human rights, about non-admitting executives and officers of international organizations that are engaged in monitoring human rights execution, to the territory of South Ossetia, attract attention in the mentioned report. And it really is surprising, because authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia have never received any official appeals with a request to visit the Republic. Entering South Ossetia from Georgian side in context of visiting “occupied territories” is impossible by determination. Obviously, there is understanding of this fact even at level of international organizations, and for this reason they prefer not to be troubled by receiving objective information about the real situation and to be content with Georgian perverted vision of the reality.


December 2, 2016, Tskhinval