Meetings in support of South Ossetia are being held in Europe

Meetings in support of South Ossetia organized by the International Association of Ossetian Communities “Renaissance” are being held in several European capitals today.

The Actions were held in Berlin, Strasbourg and Brussels as Commissioner of the President of the Republic of South Ossetia on human rights David Sanakoev informed IA “Res”.

“Participants of the Meetings gathered in front of the building of the Council of Europe and European Commission Offices with slogans condemning Georgian aggression and calling for free Ossetian prisoners from Georgian jails” – he told.

Action participants in Strasbourg called upon European Court on human rights to resolve objectively actions of South Ossetian and Russian citizens against Georgia.

“Taking part in the Meetings were representatives of Ossetian Diasporas of many European countries. The actions of Ossetian Diasporas will be held three days in a raw” – said Sanakoev.

He also emphasized that on the threshold of the second anniversary of Georgian aggression “Renaissance” Association hold a conference in Strasbourg as well, dedicated to the events of August 2008, present situation in south Ossetia and the issues of Republic development.

The conference were participated by Russian, South Ossetian, European experts and Euro parliament deputies.
IА "Res"