Commentary of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia

During the last few days at different international venues many high-ranking officials often make statements that living conditions in South Ossetia are steadily deteriorating and human rights being violated everywhere. At the same time western curators of Georgia repeat relentlessly that Georgia is a display stand of successful changes and flagship of high-pitched democracy.

However, as time shows, the higher is Georgian democracy brought, the lesser is the number of supports in the country itself. Democracy in Georgia is convulsing badly as it is not able to find support in the country. The West is making a lot of efforts to inoculate Georgia with democratic principles which has been a useless job to do so far.

One of this a days, a resident of Georgia deliberately violated state border of Republic of South Ossetia with Georgia just to be heard. He is one of the many Georgians that are persecuted for political reasons and are not able to protect their rights in the country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia calls on the International Community and the main Human Rights organizations to make everything possible for immediate improval of the depressive situation with human rights in Georgia. Forgiving Georgia easily for all its wrongdoings western countries devaluate democratic values among the population.

Besides, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia has called attention of the International Community a number of times that the new Georgian authorities, as well as their predecessors, revanchism in respect of South Ossetia. This can be proved by the fact that party of I. Okruashvili, who as Minster of Defense of Georgia during 2004-2006 personally participated in killing of a citizen of South Ossetia.

This does not release from responsibility citizens of Georgia and everyone who violates legislation of Republic of South Ossetia will be hold fully liable.


Tskhinval, 27 June 2014