Commentary of the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia David Sanakoev

Information about escalation of violence in Ukraine is raising a lot of concerns about the fate of this country. The de-facto authorities, whose legitimacy is based on maidan, are fighting against people of south – east regions of Ukraine. National army, consisting of members of radical nationalistic organizations, is shooting down peaceful population regardless their age and gender. Assault detachments of the regime are carrying out large-scale deterrent actions around the country. Only during the massacre, organized by them in Odessa, on 2 May were killed more than 40 people. Political views, that divert from the ideology of the regime, can be a reason for out-of-court violence

In front of everyone’s eyes Ukraine is becoming an analogue of Georgia that elapsed from cave-dwelling fascism of Zviad Gamsakhurdia to supported by the West barbarian totalitarianism of Mikhail Saakashvili.

Current events in Ukraine and events in Georgia during the last twenty years are a link of one chain. For twenty years both in Georgia and Ukraine through different foreign organizations, that were funding local NGOs, were brainwashing the public. During that time foreign agents were able to create groups of nationalists that were used as the main striking force both during the Georgian rose revolution and Ukrainian maidan.

It should be reiterated that in case of Georgia tragic aberration of national consciousness resulted in loss of ten thousand people, hundred thousands of maimed, failure of economy and other severe consequences. Running on the Georgian scenario endangers sovereignty of Ukraine and iteration of the fate of the above mentioned Georgian leaders for the people that assumed power in the name of the revolution.

One can only hope that people of Ukraine will be strong and wise enough to stop sliding into a chaos of a civil war and the International Community will finally realize who they will have to deal with in the name of maidan regime.


Tskhinval, 4 May 2014