Commentary of the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia

Today morning Kiev regime sent against peaceful population of Ukrainian city of Slavyansk troops with armed vehicles, aviation, artillery and detachments of extremists of the Right sector. Use of armed forces against their own people means complete lack of understanding of the aspirations of the people of South-East of the country as well as lack of sense of reality with the people that declared themselves as Government of Ukraine.

Apparently people that seized power in Kiev are not aware of their illegitimate actions. Responsibility for criminal activities of the Kiev regime is on those Western countries that supported the February coup in Ukraine. Use of military force by the Government of Ukraine against their own people is evaluated as severe crime against peaceful residents.

The International Community should have a strong reaction on the violence caused by Kiev and the western protectors of Kiev should convince their protégés, that are hysterically trying to retain power, to come to reason, stop the bloodshed and give possibility to people of all parts of Ukraine to determine their future independently.

Tskhinval, 2 May 2014