A commentary of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of South Ossetia

In south Ossetia with interest following the course of talks between Russia and Georgia concerning Russian Federation’s joining to the World Trade Organization. Touching spreading by some media information concerning agreements of Russian and Georgian delegations on the issue of loads monitoring at the Russian-Southossetian and Russian-Abkhaz sections of RF border, it is necessary to highlight that the Republic of South Ossetia, as a sovereign and recognized state, is constructing its relations, including trade and economic, with Russian Federation on the international and legal grounds and is not consider necessary and acceptable any presence of international and other observers at its territory.

It is obvious, that Georgia, politicizing the issue of Russia’s joining to WTO, is trying in every possible way to grade the existing realities, notably the fact of existing of independent state – the Republic of South Ossetia. Moreover, by mutual Russo-Southossetian intergovernmental agreements, regulating the procedure and regime of passing between the two states, any other presence is not stipulated by any standard, and, consequently, Georgia’s claims to any forms of control including involvement of international observers are absolutely groundless.

Tskhinval, November 3, 2011