November 23 - the Day of Courage and National Unity

МИД Южной Осетии

On November 23, South Ossetia celebrates the 34th anniversary of the beginning of the struggle of the South Ossetian people for freedom and the right to live in its land. This is a special date in the history of our Motherland symbolizing unprecedented courage and unity of the nation.

On this day, in 1989, the Georgian nationalists organized a multi-thousands march-manifestation on Tskhinval, in order to “take some sense” into the disobedient Ossetians. Contrary to the expectations, the intended intimidation action failed, and, on the contrary, caused increase of national consciousness. The people rallied in face of the threat of death and managed to defend its right to self-determination.

According to the Presidential Decree, dated November 23, 2010, that date, which had become the symbol of consolidation of the people of South Ossetia in its struggle against the Georgian fascism, was declared as the Day of Courage and Unity.

Today, we pay tribute to the memory of the fallen heroes, honor the living patriots and defenders of our Motherland, thanks to whom South Ossetia is successfully developing as a sovereign state, which confidently defends its national interests.

November 23, Tskhinval 2023