Responces of Dmitriy Medoev, South Ossetian Foreign Minister, to questions of South Ossetia Today International Information Agency

- Could you, please, be more precise about official and working visits of the President? What is their purpose, and what agreements have been concluded?

- The primary role in foreign policy implementation is played by the President. As earlier, further development and strengthening of the strategic partnership with the Russian Federation is the top priority of our foreign policy.

The first foreign visit after the inauguration the Head of the State made to Russia upon the invitation of Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. The meeting took place in the Sochi residence of the Russian President on May 2, 2017 and was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. Issues of the bilateral relations, development and fostering of cooperation as well as implementation of early agreements were discussed during the meeting.

Official delegation of the Republic of South Ossetia, headed by President Bibilov, went to the Donetsk People’s Republic in May. In framework of the visit the two Presidents signed the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance. The Protocol on establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of South Ossetia and the Donetsk People’s Republic was signed as well.

Without any doubt, the fact that President Bibilov participated in the SPIEF-2017, which is, among others, a platform for discussion on the most important political issues, was crucial for South Ossetia. A range of substantive meetings, including with leaders of several European countries, were organized at the margins of the Forum.

That short period of time saw working meetings of Mr. Bibilov with federal Ministers and Heads of several regions of the of the Russian Federation.

I would like to make a specific mention of the official visit of the President to amicable Abkhazia, which took place in early July and was at the highest level. Documents, regulating further development of the bilateral cooperation, have been signed, while the parties confirmed readiness to develop and strengthen further relations between the two fraternal Republics.

The working visit of the President to Moscow finished on July 26. In its framework the fateful meeting of Anatoliy Bibilov with Cyrill, the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, took place.

- How is the process of maintaining contacts with the states, which have recognized the independence of our Republic, organized?

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in constant liaison with the amiable states, which have recognized the independence of our state. Moreover, with the assistance of our friends we have been searching new possibilities to extend our presence at the international arena.

South Ossetia keeps on pursuing the policy of open relations with the world; the work on recognition of our statehood by other states is being conducted.

Such priorities have been set for the Foreign Ministry by President Bibilov, and we intend to continue this work.

- What are your future plans?

- Our priority tasks are to maintain security in our country, to defend and strengthen its sovereignty, the territorial integrity and firm and authoritative position among the international community.

By making use of the available recourses we will deepen the work on creation of a favorable image of South Ossetia at international level, actively promote establishment and extension of international contacts, organize meetings at various levels and encourage intercultural ties, as well as cooperation in spheres of healthcare, sports and tourism. I’m convinced that with the help from our friends and partners, with the assistance of the President and the Government we would manage to reach a new level of national development.