Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

We paid attention to statements made by a representative of the UN Secretary General in which regrets are expressed about presidential elections and the referendum on resumption of the historic name “the State of Alania”, which from now on would be used alongside with the existing name of the state, that took place in the Republic of South Ossetia. The UN considers it as unilateral actions that could affect negatively regional security and undermine the GID.

These statements look more than irrelevant, bearing in mind that the important political events taking place in South Ossetia are its internal affair and sovereign right, which aren't touching interests of other states in any way. These were the 6th presidential elections and the 5th referendum that took place in the independent Republic of South Ossetia. Expression of will of the citizens was organized on grounds of the Constitution and election legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia and in full compliance with fundamental principles of democracy and rules of international law. Moreover, rather high level of transparency of the elections allowed the presented international observers to assess it as an experience, worth being followed in other countries.

We doubt that these events can anyhow affect regional security or, moreover, the process of the Geneva Discussions.

The logic of statements of the representative of the UN Secretary General could be understood only in case the Geneva Discussions are considered in the UN as a tool for bringing political pressure on South Ossetia with the purpose to drag it in the long term to a political orbit of Georgia. Similar approach to the GID is absolutely unacceptable.

We in South Ossetia consider this international format only as the diplomatic platform for development and subsequent signing of international obligations that would ensure and guarantee security of South Ossetia and Abkhazia from use of force from Georgia. Once again we draw attention to the fact that under various excuses Georgia has demonstratively been blocking this work for several years with the connivance of the international organizations participating in the Discussions, including the UN. This is what the UN, whose representative is one of the Co-Chairs of the Geneva Discussions, should indeed regret for.

Regular provocations of Georgia aimed at the Geneva format demise, as it is Georgian side which unilaterally and persistently takes out discussion of questions falling within the mandate of the Geneva discussions at other international stages, including at the UN General Assembly, where other participants the Discussions aren't presented, has to become another serious subject for pity. Similar behavior has already led to blocking in Geneva discussions on problems of refugees that are very urgent for all parties.


Tskhinval, April 14, 2017