Comment by representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

March 24 saw the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council adopting the Resolution on Cooperation with Georgia where the absolutely baseless alarm about “human rights and humanitarian situation in South Ossetia” and the impossibility of access of international observers to South Ossetia territory was stated. The document was formulated and submitted at the session by Georgia.

It’s inexplicable how could South Ossetia be integrated in cooperation between UNHCR and Georgia, but it’s impossible not to mention that a range of Georgian protests against internal political events happening in South Ossetia resulted in another provocative action, that deliberately was timed to the round of the GID which started on March 28, 2017.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the credible international organization, which, however, wasn’t sure to get acquainted with real situation in South Ossetia and was satisfied by the remote from the reality image presented by Georgia, was involved in the provocation this time.

Such politicized one-sided approach that fosters Georgian revanchist aspirations is absolutely unacceptable for South Ossetia. The international community should pay attention to the fact that it happens with the background that for many years Georgian representatives have been blocking within the Geneva format singing of a joint document on non-use of force.

South Ossetia is a responsible subject of international law and has numerous times reiterated readiness to cooperation with international organizations, provided if this cooperation is run outside the context of Georgia and its problems. Only in this case the international community would have the possibility to form a non-prejudicial opinion about South Ossetia in general and human right situation there in particular, instead of the opinion affected by Georgian propaganda.


Tskhinval, March 28, 2017