Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia

On the refugee resolution accepted by the UN General Assembly

On 5 June 2014 the UN General Assembly accepted resolution on refugees initiated by Georgia. The document reflects falsified, one-sided and politicized vision of the problem imposed on the International Community by Georgia and its sponsors. The aim of the document was to claim again territories that do not belong to Georgia.

It has been about six years sine the last Georgian aggression against South Ossetia. This time was enough to firmly denote the aggressor as a war criminal and name the powers that were behind the tension in the region. However, war on elimination of Ossetian people was not appraised properly by the International Community until now. Sponsors of Georgia are forgiving Tbilisi even the most barbarian wrong doings including war crimes against tens of thousand Ossetians.

Georgia, with the help of its sponsors, is blocking participation of South Ossetia in discussions of the refugee issues to avoid spreading the truth. The member-states, that voted for the draft resolution submitted by Georgia, calling for return of refugees did not have objective info on the problem.

The majority of ethnic Georgians left territory of South Ossetia few days before the invasion of the Georgian forces. They amounted to slightly more than 5000 people. Whereas in 1990-1992 more than hundred thousand ethnic Ossetian had to flee Georgia and South Ossetia because of ethnic cleansings done by Georgian militia and military forces. Most of them never got a chance to return voluntarily in safety and dignity. Their property rights have never been restituted. The resolution does not reflect any concerns about their plight. In August 2008 the number of Ossetian refugees, that tried to hide from the Georgian bombardments and brutality, increased by 36 thousand people.

Seems that those who voted for the resolution are not disturbed by sufferings of Ossetian people coursed by Nazi Georgia. They are not bothered by the plight of ethnic Georgians that left South Ossetia either, as it is obvious that continuous blocking of South Ossetia from the refugee problem puts off its solution further and further.


Tskhinval, 7 June 2014