Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia

South Ossetia is closely following developments in Crimes where an nationwide referendum on determination of the Republic’s future took place. More than 96% participants of the referendum voted for unification with Russian Federation.

As reported by International observers from more than 20 counties the referendum was carried out with enthusiasm in festive atmosphere, with full observation of the legislation, international standards and democratic procedures.
South Ossetia respects right of the people of Crimea for self-determination. Position of Kiev authorities should also be noted, they have refrained from any military actions against people of Crimea. South Ossetia had a long and difficult struggle for freedom and self-determination, overcoming lack of understanding and double standards. Establishment of democracy, fundamental norms and principals of the International law gives reasons to believe that choice of the people of Crimea will be accepted by the International Community as a sovereign will of the nation.


Tskhinval, 17 March 2014