Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia on the completion of the ICC investigation of the events of August 2008

МИД Южной Осетии

The International Criminal Court has completed the investigation of war crimes, committed during the full-scale military aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia in August 2008 and does not intend to commit any further investigations.

The results of this many year-long so called investigation are shocking. Completely having ignored the numerous documented facts of war crimes committed by Georgian military against unarmed civilian population of South Ossetia, peacekeeping contingent, which had been performing its functions in the territory of Georgian-Ossetian conflict, the ICC issued warrants for arrest of three South Ossetian citizens. The investigators haven’t found any evidence of war crimes committed by the aggressor, who had used indiscriminate weapon and had been destroying civilians, and, instead, have accused representatives of other party, victim of the aggression, of committing war crimes.

It’s obvious that the International Criminal Court didn’t even intend to investigate the events, as we in South Ossetia had hoped in the beginning. Instead of conducting an unbiased investigation of the military affairs of 2008, the ICC acted in a pre-designed anti-Ossetian way. The result of such a partisanship of the ICC is clear: an absolutely unprofessionally conducted investigation ended with the completely absurd resolution, which have discredited for a long time, if not for ever, the entire European system of justice.

Tskhinval, December 24, 2022