Reply of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia D. N. Medoev to the question of the correspondent of IA «Res» about the events in Kazakhstan

Дмитрий Медоев

Question: How could you comment on the events taking place in Kazakhstan?

Answer: We are closely following the development of recent events in Kazakhstan.

The first thing that comes to mind is the strong feeling that no one is immune from a surprise attack by international terrorist forces. If a country is chosen as a victim, this will happen without fail.

I suppose, henceforth, we need to think about close military-political integration of the post-Soviet countries with the participation of new states, here I mean South Ossetia too. We must not forget that the threat of external aggression is still real for our Republic.

The President and Government of Kazakhstan have shown decisiveness and firmness in upholding the principles of the basic law of the country, in protecting the constitutional rights of citizens of the country. Unfortunately, as a result of the clashes, there are people killed and wounded.

I wish the brotherly people of Kazakhstan a speedy restoration of a peaceful life. Let us be vigilant, this should not happen again.