South Ossetian Foreign Minister Dmitriy Medoev’s Answer to Media

Q: Just several hours later after she was elected as the President of Georgia Mrs. Zurabishvili has stated that it’s not the time to speak with Russia and immediately reloaded the theme of Russian occupation. How can you comment on that?

A: Definitely, these elections are an internal affair of Georgia and have nothing to do with our Republic. As for the question, hardly did anyone expect more “original” comment on that issue of her … In short time after the elections a noted signal has been sent to the Western partners as well as to Russia. On the other hand that signal is also good for internal use. And maybe this statement would ease the burden of expenses for the sponsors of the mega-budget project “democratic elections in Georgia” as well…

At the same time the newly elected head of the neighboring state applied a well-known psychological maneuver, which is described quite well in special literature. However, it will not pass in the case of Russia, as the size of the information procurement is too small.

But for the sake of justice I should say that Zurabishvili will have to live like Alice in Wonderland did - condemn the “invaders” on the one hand, and sell Georgian goods and services to the same “invaders” on the other hand.

I truly do not understand well, who, finally, is occupied - the Georgian people or the Georgian government. It seems, however, that Georgian authorities has been occupied, and, interestingly, any of them, starting from 1992. And this state is transferred from one political elite to another “in a democratic way”.

It is not clear how one can call the Russians invaders and serve them at the same time in restaurants, moving to the beat of lezginka? This looks like Parisian collaboration in 1940-s but with Georgian features. However, the topic is congenial to Zurabishvili.