Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia

Attention of the whole world is attached to the opening of ХХII winter Olympic Games, the opening will take place on 7 February 2014 in Russian Federation, in Sochi Russian Federation as the organizer and of the Olympic Games called on participants of armed conflicts, regardless countries and continents, to declare ‘Olympic ceasefire’ during the Olympic Games.

Even in the ancient Greece during the Olympic Games wars were stopped. This tradition to resolve armed conflicts by diplomatic means was later secured in resolution 48/11 of the UN GA dated 25 November 1993.

However the Olympics became a factor of political influence that can be used both for good and for bad. In practice the resolution, devoted to ideas of humanism, was not taken into consideration by Georgia, who used opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing as ‘convenient time’ for achieving its criminal goals.

On August 2008 the day of the opening of the Olympics Georgia attacked, using prohibited armament, people of South Ossetia that were asleep. This pitch-brand will remain on conscience of those who triggered that aggression. It has been already five years since the end of the Georgian-South Ossetian war, however instead of drawing a lesson out of it and repenting, Georgian leadership continues to use extended diplomatic ties to spread information handy for Georgia and to accuse South Ossetia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia supports statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation and joins the ‘Olympic ceasefire’. MFA of RSO has no doubts that the Olympics till be carried on high level and the winners will be best of the best sportsmen of the world.


Tskhinval, 7 February 2014