Announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the situation at border with Georgia

During the recent days a provocative hysteria, generated by the Georgian leadership and their western partners, is observed in the area of state border of Republic of South Ossetia with Georgia.

Official Tbilisi is spreading false statements on alleged shift of the border line into territory of Georgia, with the help of police and journalists Georgia unfolded a range of protests, involving local population, against measures taken by South Ossetia on demarcation of the state border line between Republic of South Ossetia and Georgia.
The situation is also aggravated by the difficult political situation inside Georgia that is on the verge of the presidential elections. Being in a difficult political situation, Georgian leadership is, as always, searching for an external enemy to influence the public opinion and divert the population from their day –to-day problems.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia declares again that all the state border demarcation works and its infrastructure development is carried out in full compliance with legislation of South Ossetia only on the territory of Republic of South Ossetia.

Arrangements carried out by the RSO KGB border service do not violate sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

Moreover, there is information that on 28 September 2013 Georgian authorities plan to carry out a number of large-scale protests along the border with South Ossetia, including actions with involvement of more than 100 journalists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of South Ossetia would like to pay attention of the International Community to the situation aggravated by the Georgian leadership at the border that may cause serious destabilization in the region the consequences of which will be born by the Georgian side.


Tskhinval, 26 September 2013