On the first working day of the 57th round of the GID on Security and Stability in Transcaucasia

МИД Южной Осетии

On April 4, the two-day 57th round of the Geneva International Discussions on Security and Stability in Transcaucasia began in Geneva. During the first day the South Ossetian delegation held meetings with co-chairs and moderators of working groups 1 and 2, where discussed the key items of the agenda of the main day of the Discussions. A thorough exchange of opinion on the necessity to continue the Geneva process and return to regular regime of conducting rounds of the Discussions as an important factor of maintaining stability and security in the region was held. 

At the margins of the forum the delegation of the Republic of South Ossetia held several bilateral meetings with delegations of other parties, at which reiterated the commitment to its principle stands on issues, which would be discussed on April 5 in framework of the main working day.