Condolences in connection with the untimely passing of the famous South Ossettian scientist and stateman Kosta Petrovich Pukhaev

Коста Петрович Пухаев

The South Ossetian Foreign Minister Dmitrii Medoev extended his condolences to the family and friends of Kosta Petrovich Pukhaev:

“On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on my own behalf let me express my deepest condolences on the untimely passing of Kosta Petrovich Pukhaev.

South Ossetia lost one of its brightest intellectuals, a prominent politician, public figure and scientist, a warrior, a true patriot of his country, who dedicated his life to work for the benefit of the Ossetian people.

In whatever area Kosta Petrovich worked, he was always distinguished by a responsible approach to the obligations assigned to him, by an exceptional fairness and diligence. He made a great contribution to the formation and development of the Republic, paid great attention to the most important issue of studying and preserving the history of our people. His numerous researches in this direction are rightfully authoritative scientific works on which future generations will rely.

Kosta Petrovich had been conferred with many state awards, but the main award for him was always sincere respect and recognition by the people of Ossetia, to whom he was selflessly devoted.

It is hard to perceive the irreversibility of this heavy loss.

May the blessed memory of a wonderful person, a reliable friend, a true Stalinist live forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Kosta Petrovich …”