Condolences in connection with the passing of an honored physician of the Republic Nikolai Dzagoev

Николай Георгиевич Дзагоев

The South Ossetian Foreign Minister Dmitrii Medoev extended his condolences to the family and friends of  Nikolai Dzagoev:

“My heart aches of the sad news on the passing away of Nikolai Georgievich Dzagoev, a worthy son of Ossetia, a truly people's doctor.

In his face the Ossetian public has lost one of its best representatives, a bright, courageous person, a true patriot of his land, a highly professional surgeon, a wise elder.

A heaven-born doctor, a man with invaluable practical experience, he generously shared his talent and knowledge with everyone who knew him and appreciated his amazing skill. With his original gift, professionalism and dedication Nikolai Georgievich won great respect and indisputable authority not only among his colleagues, but also among ordinary people, who treated him for his humanity, responsiveness and kindness with high regard, gratitude and love.

It is impossible to list everything that Nikolai Dzagoev did for his country and his people. His merits during the hostilities in the period from 1989 to 2008 are invaluable. He has saved thousands of lives. The medical deserts of Nikolai Georgievich and his numerous scholarly monographs have become a professional legacy for new generations of the South Ossetian doctors. As a Member of Parliament and as a Minister of Healthcare he also made a great contribution to the formation of the Republic.

I was always proud when Nikolai Georgievich called me his “front-line friend”. It is hard to perceive that an entire era is leaving with him.

I express my sincere condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Nikolai Georgievich. The bright image of the extraordinary man, the outstanding son of Ossetia, a wonderful surgeon will remain forever in our hearts, in the historical memory of the people.

Goodbye, my front-line friend.

Rest in peace, Nikolay Georgievich ...”