Announcement of the delegation of South Ossetia for mass-media

On 28th round of International Geneva Discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia

Another round of International Geneva Discussions took place in Geneva on 17-18 June 2014. At the meeting participated representatives of Republic of South Ossetia, Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia, Russian Federation, US as well as representatives of EU, UN and OSCE. Delegation of South Ossetia was headed by Presidential Envoy on post-conflict resolution M.K. Jioev.

Representatives of South Ossetia informed the meeting participants that parliamentary elections that took place in South Ossetia on 8 June, were carried out in full compliance with internationally accepted standards and electoral legislation of Republic of South Ossetia.

The delegation shared concerns of people of South Ossetia about the situation in south-east of Ukraine.

The main attention at the meeting was paid to non-use of force by Georgia against Republic of South Ossetia and Republic of Abkhazia, insurance of security and stability in Transcaucasia.

Participants from South Ossetia expressed concerns about aspirations of Georgia to joint NATO that could involve the situation in the region in difficulty. It was suggested to pay special attention and work on legally binding agreements on non-use of force between Georgia and South Ossetia, Georgia and Abkhazia, to finalize text of the joint statement on committment to non-use of force principal. The document has been under drafting for the last few rounds.

During discussions of security situation in the area of South Ossetia – Georgia state border, the meeting participants noted a relatively stable situation and effectiveness of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism. At the same time were highlighted destabilizing activities of Georgia near the border line, speculations with interests of bordering village residents.

Representatives of South Ossetia again reminded about the suggestion made to authorities of Georgia on joint delimitation and demarcation of the state border between South Ossetia and Georgia with Geneva Discussions Co-chairmen to act as mediators in this process.

Issues of citizens of Republic of South Ossetia missing in action and mutual release of citizens of Georgia and South Ossetia currently being imprisoned were raised again.

Further to acceptance of refugee resolution, submitted by Georgia that completely ignores positions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, delegations of Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia circulated a joint statement which underlined disruptive position of Georgia that every year brings the refugee problem to UN General Assembly session excluding possibilities for its discussion in Geneva format. At the same time South Ossetia and Abkhazia expressed their readiness to participate in discussions of refugee problematic in compliance with the international law as well as to send thier representatives to UN to represent positions of their states on this problem.

The destructive position of the Georgian delegation not only excluded further discussions of humanitarian issues but rolled down sessions of both working groups at the 28th Geneva Discussions.

Next round of Geneva Discussions is planned for early October 2014. .


Geneva, 19 June 2014