Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia on the Caucasus Eagle 2022 military exercises, held in Georgia

October 11 saw the launch of the Caucasus Eagle 2022 joint military exercises, held by special military forces of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey at the military base Mukhrovani, near Tbilisi. The purpose of the exercises is sharing experience, improving professional capacity and management among military units of the three states. Earlier, on October 7, Georgia signed an agreement with Turkey on supply of armored vehicles which comply with NATO standards.

The ongoing process of building up and modernization of Georgian military capacities raises serious concerns in South Ossetia. At the background of the official Tbilisi’s refusal to provide guarantees on non-use of force, conduction of military exercises in close vicinity to the border with South Ossetia is a factor that could destabilize the situation and cause increase of military and political tensions in South Caucasus.

Given the current turbulence in the world, the Georgian authorities should understand that their fascination with regular military trainings with participation of foreign units undermines all the efforts to maintain regional security.


Tskhinval, October 12, 2022