Press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia on the 32nd anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of South Ossetia

On September 20 South Ossetia celebrates an important day – the Day of the Republic.

Upon the decision taken at the 14th congress of the Soviet of People's Deputies 32 years ago, the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast was transformed into the South Ossetian Soviet Democratic Republic within the USSR. That most important political event in the history of South Ossetia laid the necessary foundation for the establishment of an independent democratic state and fully complied with the requirements of the time, the norms of international law and the legislation of the USSR, in force at the time.

Global geopolitical alterations of early 1990s and massive anti-Ossetian propaganda, led by the official Tbilisi, demanded decisive steps for self-organization of the society and for creation of public institutions, needed for confronting the upcoming military aggression from Georgian side and for exercising the inalienable right of the South Ossetian people to life and development.

Time has confirmed the historically justified need of the political step - the proclamation of the South Ossetian Republic on September 20, 1990.

Incredible difficulties and numerous challenges, destructive wars and heavy losses which South Ossetia have suffered, did not break the will and the decisiveness of its people to protect the independence and the sovereignty and the desire to strengthen and develop the statehood.

The principle of observing, first of all, the national interests, which became the basis of the statehood of the new country, as well as correct foreign policy guidelines, have resulted in international recognition of the Republic as a sovereign democratic state, governed by the rule of law.

Thanks to the political events of September 1990, today, the Republic of South Ossetia has the possibility to continue building its statehood, to develop friendly relations with its strategic partner, the Russian Federation, and to establish mutually beneficial ties with other states.


Tskhinval, September 20, 2022