Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia

Pertaining to escalation of situation in Syria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia strongly condemns the night air attacks on the Syrian territory and considers these actions as illegal military interference under far-fetched and fabricated pretext.

The military action of the USA, which it has undertaken in contravention of the UN, is a serious violation of the international legislation and a rude flouting of the sovereignty of the UN member state. Similar hasty decisions taken by the USA authorities promote escalation of military violence in the country, aggravate general situation in the region and move away the possibility of regulating the conflict through negotiations.

Drawing on the constructive position of the Russian Federation, South Ossetia stands for nothing but peaceful negotiations under the UN auspices and supports all efforts, aimed at resolution of the conflict in Syria, which over six years has caused numerous casualties and has triggered a center of regional instability.

We are calling for members of the UN Security Council to make all efforts for reestablishment and maintaining peace and security.


April 14, 2018, Tskhinval